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Hypertension Effect in Pre-Pregnancy Period; USPSTF Drafted Recommendation on HCV Screening; Prolonged Topical Steroid Use and Type 2 Diabetes,

written by Thu Tran, MD,FACOG
on Saturday, 31st August ,2019

Hypertension in Either Partner Can Delay Pregnancy Time 

A study from China of 2,234,350 eligible couples, spanning from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016, showed that preconception hypertension in either partner (high blood pressure in pre-pregnancy period) would prolonged the time to pregnancy.

Women with hypertension were found to have 21% lower rate of pregnancy compared to those with normal blood pressure.  Similar results were found in males who had high blood pressure as compared to those with normal blood pressure.

In cases when both partners had high blood pressure, the pregnancy rate was found to be 27% lower than couples with normal blood pressure.  The researchers concluded that preconception hypertension is associated with prolonged time to pregnancy and believe this topic needs to be investigated further.

USPSTF Calling for Universal Screening of Hepatitis C Viruses (HCV) in adults

The US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has drafted recommendations for universal screening of HCV in adults 18-79 years old.

Patients who should consider screening of HCV:

    —Pregnant women under 18 years old, as prevalence has doubled in women aged 15-44 from 2006-2014

     —High-risk adolescents less than 18 years old and high-risk adults above 79 years old.  IV drug users are considered high-risk patients.

Screening is recommended by the USPTF as effective treatment is now available for HCV. 


Prolonged Use of Topical Steroids and Increased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM)

A recent study from Sydney, Australia,  published in the Journal of Dermatology Treatment, using data from four studies, showed a potential association between prolonged use of topical steroids and T2DM.  Topical steroids, used over time, can potentially absorb through patients’ skin and lead to systemic effects.  

This potential elevated risk of Diabetes Mellitus was found not on the strength of steroids used, but more from the cumulative dose and duration of topical steroid use.

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