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Sheila Overton, M.D.

Sheila Overton, M.D.

Sheila Overton is a board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist.  As the daughter of an Air Force officer and English teacher, she grew up living in several states including Texas, New York, South Dakota, and California.  She realized at a very young age that she wanted a career in health care.  She initially pursued nursing and received her BSN with honors from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.  After college, she decided to further her training and attended UCLA School of Medicine where she obtained her medical degree.  After completing her residency at George Washington University Hospital in 1987, she spent the next 20 years in southern California.  She then moved to Hawaii for three years and finally settled down in southern Maryland.

In addition to practicing OB/GYN, she has been a passionate advocate for teen sexual health, specifically regarding teen pregnancy and STD prevention.  She chaired a very successful Teen Pregnancy and STD Prevention Program in Los Angeles and received The Los Angeles County Commendation for Excellence in Women’s Health.  She is deeply committed to the belief that youth can be successfully guided to healthy, wise, and values-based decisions about their sexual health. Her website, www.droverton.org, has important information for parents and any adult interested in improving teen sexual health.  Dr. Overton’s spouse, Greg, is a retired federal attorney.  She and her husband have two terrific children, Jarin and Gabrielle, as well as a really cute dog.  Dr. Overton currently works as an OB Hospitalist at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Rockville.  In addition to writing, she continues to give innovative talks that promote teen pregnancy and STD prevention to a wide range of audiences, including teens and parents, educators, and health professionals.

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