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Lady Docs Corner Cafe
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Welcome to Lady Docs Corner Cafe

A website devoted to exercise, nutrition, wellness, inspiration, LIFE!  

In 2010, my friend and physician, Dr. Thu Tran, invited me to her house for a group fitness session with a few other physicians. There was an easy mix of intellectual discussion, physical challenge and emotional support that we could never have imagined or designed purposely. 

When one woman had a medical crisis in her family, she sent out a group email, and within minutes had a dozen responses, with offers from members to make calls to local experts to set up appointments.  This scenario repeated itself numerous times.  We all agree that we have a terrific network of wellness-minded women who are looking out for each other and have food and fitness foremost in their minds.

For ourselves, as well as for our friends and patients, we realized that there is too much information in the popular press to read; once we read it, it's difficult to know what to believe.  Our intention here is to present valid information in an easy-to-read format, written by a variety of health professionals, about topics of our choice and yours.  At times, we'll give you a doctor's perspective on hot topics in the media, at other times we'll summarize issues that come up repeatedly with our patients.  Questions related to our health and happiness are endless. Many of the entries will be about fitness and nutrition, but you will also get info about breast health from a breast surgeon, about sports-related concussions from a neurosurgeon, about teeth whitening from a dentist.  There will also be more philosophical entries about enjoying life despite the everyday stresses, and approaching the idea of 'having it all' versus 'living for the moment'.  It isn't easy, but we all share the same struggles as you do.

We're looking forward to sharing thoughts with you about body and soul at the Corner Cafe!

Here's to good health!



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