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How We Started

In 2010, six of us gathered for a workout at Dr. Thu Tran’s house. Much to the trainer’s dismay, we talked as much as we flexed! There was an easy mix of discussion about medical and family issues and personal pursuits and goals. We benefited from professional support and emotional support. The original six enjoyed the time together so much that they kept inviting more of their friends in health-related fields to join. Our ranks now include physicians in almost every specialty, psychologists, dentists, exercise physiologists, professors and more - over 200 in all.

In 2011, Drs. Seidelman, Tran and Yau realized the benefit of sharing the group’s wealth of knowledge via a website. Our goal is to present valid medical information in an easy-to-read format, written by professionals in related fields - whether related to confusing information in the media or to issues that come up repeatedly with our patients. There are also sections about fitness and nutrition, with specifics about exercises and recipes, as well as book reviews. Other articles are strictly philosophical about life’s challenges - and there are many.

At Lady Docs Corner Cafe

Subsets gather weekly for bootcamp, walks on the canal or yoga. In addition, we organize medical conferences with our own members as speakers, social gatherings, and community service events. We have put on a health fair, and planted and harvested at Oasis farm, which provides training for neurodiverse adults and food for the homeless. We have prepared meals at DC Central Kitchen and NIH Children’s Inn, given talks to community groups and done many walks and runs to raise money for research. We plan to use our collective talent and energy to do much more.

We have a wonderful network of dynamic women focused on wellness, who are looking out for each other and have food, fitness, intellectual discussion, personal growth and community service foremost in their minds. Join us on our journey! We welcome your comments.

Bookclub 2016
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    We are looking forward to sharing thoughts with you about body and soul! Here's to good health!