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Daphne Stamos Keshishian, M.D.

Sauteed Spinach with Apples and Garlic

January 29, 2020

This is a simple recipe packed with flavor, micronutrients and all around goodness! Variations of this recipe are served in local tapas restaurants as it is based on a traditional Spanish recipe. Ingredients: 1 bag (9-12 ounces) baby spinach, washed and dried2 cloves garlic chopped1-2 apple cut into small cubes. A tart, firm apple such…

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Mediterranean Diet: New Orleans Style

August 5, 2015

New Orleans is a “foodie” city for sure.  Fresh seafood, ripe ingredients, fragrant spices and cultural diversity add to the distinct properties of its culinary uniqueness.  Having studied topics in culinary medicine and taken cooking classes at the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine, which is part of the Tulane School of Medicine,  I understood the initiative for exploring the…

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The Good News About Avocados – or Alligator Pears

April 28, 2015

Sometimes called “alligator pears,” avocados are shaped like pears and have tough, green and bumpy skin, which resembles alligator skin. They are fatty fruits, not vegetables, and come from the avocado tree, known as Persea americana, which is native to Mexico and Central America. Easy to incorporate into one’s diet, they are tasty and versatile.…

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Peanuts Getting a Bad Rap?

February 28, 2015

Eating peanuts might actually reduce the incidence of developing peanut allergies, according to a new studypublished in The New England Journal of Medicine. The study which began in 2006 followed 640 children over four years, at  a time when current pediatric practice was to keep high-risk children away from peanut products for the first three years of life.…

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Bones Building Strategies

January 28, 2015

1. Incorporate Calcium Rich Super foods Although dairy foods are a rich source of calcium, milk, yogurt and cheese are only part of the solution of incorporating calcium-rich foods in ones diet.   Think beyond dairy.  Knowing that an 8 ounce glass of milk contains  300 mg calcium, use the following references to compare additional dietary…

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Looking For More Flavor? Try cooking with fruit!

January 10, 2014

A Mediterranean diet is a diet front-loaded with vegetables, fruits, legumes, healthy grains, fish, olive oil, and includes lean meats, dairy and alcohol in moderation.  As a Greek-American physician raised with a Mediterranean based lifestyle and routine, I have seen firsthand the positive effects of such a  diet on my own family members and in…

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