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Mylene Huynh, M.D., MPH


“Sayar” is Doctor and Teacher

May 20, 2014

We started our medical mission in Myanmar at Sao Sun Tun Hospital, a 500-bed government run facility in Taunggyi, located 15-hour bus ride from Yangon. Dr. Po Po No, a young physician in training was assigned as my interpreter. In attempt to learn a few words, I asked Dr. Po to tell me the Burmese…

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Myanmar Beauty is More than Skin Deep

April 30, 2014

Myanmar women, like wise women elsewhere in the world, make effort to protect their skin from the sun damaging effects. In Myanmar, women (and children) wear a yellow chalky “thanaka” paste made from a fragrant tree balk…spread in a circular, square or more sophisticated pattern on their cheeks, nose and forehead for sun protection.  Many…

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