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Robyn Pashby, Ph.D.

Burnout, Revisited

February 22, 2023

You may hear the word burnout and associate it with feeling tired, run down, and stressed out at work. You may also feel “over it” or detached from what you’re doing, experience irritation or be easily annoyed, have lower…

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Dealing with Post-Covid Weight Gain: Think Brain, Body and Behavior

October 21, 2021

The last 18+ months have been emotionally and physically draining. We have been pushed to our limits in almost every regard. Responding to an unpredictable threat like the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Plan For Now, Plan For Later – Thinking About the Big Picture with Covid

April 25, 2020
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Coronavirus Time: Mental and Physical Health for Those Not Infected

April 1, 2020

(Robyn Pashby, PhD- Psychologist) There are two pandemics. The virus makes the headlines, but the anxiety that is sweeping the nation just a few steps behind (or in some cases…

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Weight Bias

October 14, 2019

If you are living with overweight or obesity, then you may have already experienced a host of weight-related consequences. No, I am not referring to the standard medical warnings you’ve…

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