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It’s easy to be overwhelmed with medical information in the media.

It is often written with the intent of being big on headlines but short on important details. We present that information in a reliable manner so you can be well-informed. We also summarize medical conference news

We hope all the pearls we will be gathering will help you on your journey to good health and happiness!


February 2014 Health Pearls

For years, heart disease has been the number one cause of death.  Very soon, cancer might take that position, as the incidence of cancer worldwide is estimated to skyrocket from 14 million cases in 2012 to 22 million within two decades.  The cancer deaths are predicted to increase from 8.3 to 13 million during that…
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Gas Is a Blast – For Some

How serious a problem is intestinal gas? Serrin’s mind started wandering after she read an article titled “Flatulent Cows Start Fire at German Dairy Farm.” Ninety cows producing methane gas plus a static charge resulted in one cow being burnt and damage to the barn. It led to wondering whether humans might pose a similar…
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Safe Shoveling – and Other Options For Those Who Opt Out

So, the meteorologists got it just right – right to the minute in my area. Snow started falling at 7 PM and we got about a foot of snow. Many of you will be out shoveling, so here are some tips to help you avoid joining the thousands of people who end up in emergency…
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Heroin: Chasing the Dragon, Slaying the Demon

Many people believe that addiction, and certainly more “serious” drug use or abuse is limited to the inner city – people in gangs, homeless, chronically mentally ill. This is simply false. The recent death of famous actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and local McLean High School student Emilee Lonczak is opening the dialogue not just about…
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Chocolate – Friend or Foe?

I have always loved sugar. Halloween was my most beloved holiday. I remember trips to High’s with my brother, our allowance funding purchase of Big Buddy’s, Hostess cupcakes (the ones with the orange swirl icing that came off in one piece), Charleston Chews….I could truly go on and on. I exercised. I maintained a healthy…
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What’s New In Cholesterol Treatment?

What’s New In Cholesterol Treatment? Do you ever wonder why cholesterol is important?  We all wish we had the power to predict the future.  While physicians do not have a crystal ball to see into the future, we use medical research to try to tell each patient what diseases they are at most risk of…
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January 2014 Health Pearls

1.  Many of us often wonder: Is it too late to start exercising as we reach middle age?  We look at women like Jane Fonda or Diane Nyad and wish we were active like them in our younger days.  Could we have had toned arms like Fonda, or swam a hundred miles like Nyad, if…
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OOH baby it’s cold outside

What better time to talk about frostbite prevention than during a week of record low temperatures across the country? Frostbite is the formation of tiny crystals inside the body which damage the cells and the blood vessels. Tiny blood clots form, so when the tissue is thawed, there is not enough blood flow, resulting in…
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Pre-Diabetes and How to Make a U-turn on the Road to Diabetes

Recent news in the prevention of diabetes is that weight training and yoga help decrease the risk of diabetes in women who have already been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Although it does not appear to be as effective as cardio exercise, such as biking, jogging or swimming in that regard,it’s good to know it provides additional benefit. This…
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I’ve got the flu!

Many of our common illnesses are viral. What’s the difference between the common cold and “the flu”? First, “the flu” is not one disease. You can get “flu-like” illnesses anytime, but the REAL flu is influenza virus, the very same one you get a “flu shot” for every fall. The influenza vaccine components are determined…
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