In the Time of Coronavirus: Why Eliminate Unnecessary Trip?

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April 9, 2020

My husband and  I took a walk around a lake last weekend. The paths were wide. The people were respectful of the 6 foot distancing. However, as I was backing out of the busy parking lot, I was involved in a fender bender. No one was hurt, but I had to exchange information with the elderly gentleman who was involved. We  photographed the man’s ID, insurance info and license plate. But he did not have that capability so I wrote down my information and handed it to him.  All of that careful social distancing gone in one instant!  I was much more worried about giving him coronavirus than I was about his car! This whole incident gave me pause. What if someone were hurt and had to go to the emergency room? When we are told to do only what is necessary, such as going to work, or to the grocery store, I think that there is a reason for it, to minimize exposure, of ourselves and others, to the coronavirus. To me, that also means not putting myself in a situation where I might end up taking up precious healthcare resources at this time, like driving on the beltway to visit my son in Virginia, even though we are able to stay 6 feet apart and I truly miss seeing him, as I am sure you all miss seeing people in your lives.