Burnout, Revisited

You may hear the word burnout and associate it with feeling tired, run down, and stressed out at work. You may also feel “over it” or detached from what you’re doing, experience irritation or be easily annoyed, have lower…

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Living My Moments

We are in Chesapeake Beach this weekend. It hasn’t snowed much this year except for some dusty flakes a few days ago that quickly melted when the morning temperature started…

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Musings on Spinach

A bowl of leafy vegetables

We’ve each got our ‘things’ right?  I’ve wondered for a while, whenever I’ve prepared spinach, “What is a ‘serving’ of spinach?”  Is it the amount that covers a salad plate?…

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Jewel Salad

A bowl of fruits and vegetables

In the intense summer heat, I was not in the mood for cooking or for eating heavy food and went looking for meal salads which required little prep. This one…

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