Marsha Seidelman, M.D.

Marsha Seidelman, M.D.

Internal Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine

MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
BS, Math and Economics, SUNY Albany

Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

Dr. Seidelman was raised in the Bronx and Queens, then went upstate to SUNY Albany where she graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a double major in math and economics. Then, she decided that what she really wanted to do was to go into medicine.

So, she spent 9 rewarding years in the Bronx. There, she completed medical school, an internal medicine residency and a pulmonary fellowship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Jacobi Hospital and Montefiore Hospital, respectively.  At that point, she wanted to leave New York for at least a slightly warmer climate, and moved to Maryland with her husband and started in private practice. Over three decades and two grown children later, here she is. She has been named a Washingtonian Top Doc many times.

With time, her focus in medicine has shifted to prevention, as she noted that the vast majority of illnesses she was treating could have been prevented through lifestyle modification. To disseminate reliable information about health, nutrition, exercise and overall wellness, she co-founded

In 2020, Dr. Seidelman became certified in Lifestyle Medicine, an evidence-based field that aims to prevent, treat, and sometimes even reverse chronic diseases. It uses 6 pillars of nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress reduction, personal relationships and avoidance of toxic substances to enhance the health span – with the goal of more healthy years of life! It’s not that complicated, but there is so much conflicting data in the general press; we hope to simplify that with this website.

Since 2022, Dr. Seidelman closed her medical office and spends time spreading the word about Lifestyle Medicine to physicians and to the public. She experiments with new recipes, volunteers in community projects, stays active, and enjoys spending time with friends and family, books, music and nature.  And has lately has become a great fan of playing pickleball with a group of friends.

She is looking forward to meeting and chatting with you at the Lady Docs Corner Cafe!

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