End Women’s Cancer: A Run or Walk for Gynecologic Cancer Awareness

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November 5, 2017

This morning, a group of Lady Docs and friends were running or walking to help raise fund to end women’s cancer.  The weather was not so great in Washington D.C. but at least the rain was not so heavy so all of us, together with many others, were able to happily finish our 5K run or one mile walk.  It was inspirational to see many cancer survivors walking and running among us.  

Funding for gynecologic cancer is still severely lacking.  Cases of endometrial cancer have greatly increased over the past decade although funding for  its research is non-existent from the National Institutes of Health.  Please read the article below regarding this critical issue:


In the documentary NED, or No Evidence of Disease, which I highly recommend that you see at some point, the producer made us aware of the severe shortage of gynecologic oncologists in many parts of the country.  Since then, Alaska finally has two such specialists.  In Montgomery County where I live, there are more gyn-oncologists than the entire state of Alaska!

The public needs to be aware of this critical issues of gynecologic cancer research.  It is time we ask for more funding to take care of our women, our sisters, mothers and daughters.   

I am glad my friends and I walked and ran in this rainy weather to help raise fund to end women’s cancer.  We took some small steps, but it was better than ignoring this critical issue all together