In the Time of Coronavirus: Corona and the Marriage

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April 4, 2020

Stress, especially big and scary stress, impacts us like a threat to the nervous system. With the importance of social distancing, you and your partner are likely to be feeling those stressors in close quarters. (And you probably won’t be alone! Kids! Pets!) Here are the three ways people tend to respond when faced with a stressor:

            Fight: do you get easily frustrated, attempting to control the situation to feel better?

            Flight: do you distract yourself, attempting to put distance between you and the situation to feel better?

            Freeze: do you numb out, attempting to avoid the situation altogether to feel better?

From a place of curiosity and compassion, talk with your partner about how each of you tend to respond. Are you similar, or different? When you need to feel safe and connected, how can you let your partner know without using these defensive moves? Here are some ideas: ask for a hug, take a walk, share a happy relationship memory.

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