Jody Miller’s Wellness Wisdom for the Month

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October 8, 2017

** Intrinsic Motivation

Ask yourself…

Are you making changes because you think you “should” or because someone else tells you to do so? Long term change stems from making changes because you WANT to and choose it for yourself – self-directed and self-initiated.

Nutrition & Fitness:

** Nutrition – Added Sugar –

Recommended intake:

Women 6 teaspoons or 26 grams/day

Men 9 teaspoons or 36 grams/day

   The FDA has extended the compliance date to January 1, 2020 for manufactures to use the new Nutrition Labels, which include a separate line for “Added Sugars”. Many companies however are already making the switch. This is great for consumers in identifying sugar consumption.

Added sugar in some popular foods:

  • 12 ounce Coca-cola 10 teaspoons
  • 20 ounce Lemon-lime Gatorade 9 teaspoons
  • 4 ounce box Junior Mints 22.5 teaspoons
  • 13 ounce Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt 14.5 teaspoons

  * Track your “added sugars” for a few days to learn how      much you are consuming – then make some educated decisions on where to reduce if necessary*

** Fitness

    Aim for some type of physical activity/exercise “almost daily”!

This mindset can be very helpful to keeping to a consistent schedule.

If you miss a day, be sure to exercise the day that follows. If you’ve exercised today, and you need tomorrow “off”, the option is open.

    * Tracking your activity and exercise on a calendar or in your daytimer can be highly motivating. Its great to see progress, and very helpful to identify patterns where you are consistent or where you miss frequently*