Three Quick Tips For Change

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August 6, 2017

Approaches & Strategies:

** What is your WHY?
Ask yourself… what do I want to change? What do I REALLY want from my life?
Having a WHY gives us purpose and direction. It helps to reinforce our actions making sense of our choices and behaviors. Change is more
difficult without a WHY…

Nutrition & Fitness:

** Fiber 25-35 grams/day
Summer is a perfect time to work on increasing your fiber intake with so many seasonal fruits and veggies available. Visit the Farmers Market or go picking for an outing!

** Outdoor Fitness
Summer is also a great time to switch up your exercise modalities. It may be hot out but walk in the evenings. Take advantage of the pool and swim laps for a change, or try a water sport like kayaking or Stand-up-paddling!!!

Editor’s Note: If you want a refreshing read on “Why”, try reading Thrive – the third metric to redefining success and creating a life of well-being, wisdom, and wonder  by Arianna Huffington.