Wrap-Up of Five Abdominal Exercises – Marching and Tapping Core Stabilizer

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December 23, 2014

Here is the fifth and final exercise in the abdominal series. We have reviewed the basic sit-upthe oblique twist sit-upthe reverse liftthe traditional oblique and oblique alternators, and now today’s featured move is a marching and tapping core stabilizer.

This move targets the low abdominal muscles, the transverse abdominis. There are two versions. The most basic is a march, the more difficult is a tap.

For the march, lie back, contract the low abdominal muscles, place your feet on the ground, knees toward the ceiling, and arms along your sides. Alternate lifting one leg at a time, keeping the low abdominals firmly contracted. Place a hand on each hip in order to check if you are keeping your hip bones stable on the floor without shifting side to side.

Slightly more difficult is a tap. Start with your legs up in the air, knees slightly bent, and tap one foot down to the floor at a time. Keep alternating sides, and again, keep the hips stable.

Editor’s note: Although Jody makes these all look very simple, they are not. Make a routine of doing these several times per week and you may feel an improvement in the tone and strength of your abs. Next we will move onto another important part of your CORE, the low back. By working on the abs and low back, and later the hips, you should feel well-balanced and hopefully avoid back strain from everyday bending and lifting.