Yoga and Mindfulness, Yoga and Toning

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September 6, 2016

Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga forces us to be in the present moment, connecting inward with our breath and our body. Understanding the awareness of how your body moves, the health of your body, and your alignment, is the best way to improve your relationship with yourself. Controlling the breath is the most significant part of the yoga practice. Once you can create your poses through your breath, you will create a truly meditative experience and begin to decrease daily stress. Yoga can also make you more aware of how you treat your body. You may begin to eat healthier, make more time for sleep, and simply be more involved in your overall health. 

Yoga and Toning

Does the word “yogi” bring up thoughts of thin, toned, flexible women? Well if that is what you conjure up when you think of a yogi, consider the sheer number of Americans practicing today – over 20 million. Yogis come is all shapes and sizes, every age, every ethnicity. 
Yoga has numerous benefits, varying from better sleep to improved posture, and can tone the entire body in a natural way. Unlike using weights which tend to bulk us up, yoga creates long, limber muscles. It is a total body workout that uses your own weight and resistance for movement.