A Few Fitness Faves for 2019

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December 30, 2018

Fitness should be fun! The more we enjoy the activity the more likely we are to be consistent and stay with it for the long term. It’s also really important to diversify our fitness to work the whole body in a variety of ways. Whether you are just getting started as a new exerciser, or ready to change up your routine with a new activity, here are some ideas to explore!

Peloton – www.onepeloton.com

The Peloton fitness bike has been around for a few years but the company is now offering yoga, boot camp and strength classes in addition to cycle classes, and launching their treadmill version this month. Once your Peloton bike is set up in your home, all you need to do is login and access from dozens of live or streaming classes of your choice. There’s also an app for use if you want to give the classes a try on your own equipment before investing in their bike or treadmill. Other companies with similar concepts are www.Echelonfit.com and www.Nordictrack.com

Cubii – www.Mycubii.com This compact elliptical is an ideal piece of equipment for anyone interested in increasing daily movement/activity while sitting. The Cubii can be used at your desk or while watching television on the couch, anytime anywhere. It is a great option for cardio fitness, lower body strength, and rehabilitation.

Mirror – www.mirror.co The Mirror is an at-home device that provides interactive fitness classes including barre, yoga, boxing and pilates. The free-standing or wall-mounted mirror when turned off looks like a regular mirror, but when turned on lets you see the instructor and receive “real-time” training including personal performance metrics. Syncs with Bluetooth and Apple watch.

Omron Pedometers – www.omronhealthcare.com (or amazon.com) A digital pedometer is a tried and true favorite for newbie’s and fitness enthusiasts alike. It’s a very low cost personal tracker and cheerleader encouraging daily movement. Especially helpful on days when you can’t exercise formally or while on vacation or business travel. Everyone’s baseline movement is different so don’t worry about the 10,000 steps/day universal goal. Just monitor for a week, take that average and then build slowly by about 500 steps/week to reach your personal goal. Check out Models HJ 320/321 or HJ 325.

Online Yoga and Pilates – www.pilatesanytime.com and www.yogaanytime.com In my personal opinion, nothing beats in-person instruction for group fitness classes but… if you have a hard time making it to a class or logistics keep getting in your way, these online options are fantastic. They are subscription based, and offer endless choices of classes. Login and select your style preference, class duration, level of difficulty and then hit start and take your class right in the comfort of your own home. All you might need are a few props (mat, strap, block, blanket) to keep readily available.

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