A walk in the gardens – just what the doctor ordered

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October 27, 2019

There are always things that need to be done.  But, sometimes peace and quiet in nature is just what the doctor ordered.  

Our last exercise post was about the benefits of exercise – 150 minutes of mild to moderate exercise each week.  Prior posts touted the importance of walking for osteoporosis prevention.  

We know that being outdoors and particularly near water is good for the heart and soul.  So here’s one escape to satisfy all these needs.

Many of our readers are local to where we practice, in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Before the leaves fall, treat yourself to a beautiful relaxing walk at Brookside gardens.  There are paved paths with occasional benches, as well as many winding paths covered in wood chips.  All roads seem to lead back to where you started, so no need to pay attention.  Even I, with a great penchant for getting lost, kept finding myself back in view of the Japanese tea house.  

Throughout the grounds, there is attention to calm – very therapeutic for whatever ails you.

At the Japanese garden, there is signage to let you know that this is not a classic Japanese garden.  A Japanese professor was so enamored with it that when he returned home, he researched which era the garden was based on.  It turns out that the landscaper and carpenter designed their own idea of a garden, so it’s original, not based on prior ‘rules’.  

The nearby memorial to the sniper’s victims in the DC area in 2002 is serene.  See the plaque and photos of it below.  Stones represent the fallen victims.

The entire garden is a beautiful place to let your feet and your mind wander and take in nature’s beauty.  The gardens are on view year round, but try to catch it quickly before the leaves fall – well worth the trip! 

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