Zooming with Chef AJ

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November 12, 2021

Chef AJ is a chef and culinary instructor who been strictly plant-based for decades.  She hosts a YouTube channel that has over 200,000 followers.  Several months ago, Dr. Nathan was featured on her show and talked about Indian spices and their role in cooking, healing and culture.  She then introduced me to Chef AJ, who invited me to be a guest on her show. 

As you may know from previous articles I’ve posted on this website, I have a special interest in the human microbiome – in fact, I am in awe of it.  These are the hundreds of thousands of organisms that live within us, mostly in our GI tracts, that are instrumental in so many processes in our bodies.  

Regardless of what your current food intake is, adding any fruits or vegetables can be beneficial.  In the video, I let you in on the reason that is true.

Let me know if you’re as fascinated as I am by the work the microbiome is doing!  

Here’s the video

The Amazing No-Fail Power Bar recipe demonstrated in it is here on Lady Docs 

Much of the information included in the YouTube video is included in the Microbiome series from July, 2021.

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